Daniel Health and Wellness is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care. We accept all major credit cards and alternative payment methods.


​Who is eligible for membership?
Everyone 2 years and up are eligible for membership.  We do not provide obstetrics or gynecological care.  

Do you accept medical insurance?
We do not accept any insurance at this time.  

Do you accept Medicare?
No, Medicare is not accepted at this time.  If you are a Medicare patient, you must sign an agreement stating that you will not submit your fees for reimbursement by Medicare. Medicare patients can join as members for the usual membership rate. 

What services are billed separately from the membership fee?
A separate fee is charged for office procedures, any costs for urgent care, emergency room, hospital or specialist visits are billed to you or your insurance plan as usual.  If you need an unusual or cost prohibitive test done and the rate being offered is out of network and unaffordable, we will refer you to another provider within your insurance network to have the test ordered at an in-network fee.  

Can I be reimbursed from my health plan or health savings account for my membership fees?
If you have private health insurance, a health savings account or high deductible health plan, contact your insurance carrier directly to find out if your membership fees are reimbursable.  We will provide a receipt as needed.  Medicare does not reimburse for membership fees.

Why pay a membership fee when I already have primary care through my insurance? 
Practice members:

*Enjoy more face to face time with your provider to have your questions answered.
*See the same provider at every visit. 
*Receive courtesy visits from your provider if at the hospital, rehab, or nursing home to help coordinate care.
*Save money on low cost medications, lab testing and imaging services to help keep medical expenses down.
*Access a wider variety of services like functional and integrative medicine coaching. 
*Receive medical advice directly from your provider by phone or messaging in between office visits.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your membership at anytime.  Fees charged within 30 days of cancellation are non-refundable.   Once membership is cancelled, you cannot re-enroll for 12 months from the month of cancellation.  

How is payment for services processed?
All payments for initial visit, monthly membership fees (subscription), and single payments for medical procedures (automatic billing) are processed using a monthly invoice emailed to you.   You can start or stop your membership at anytime.

How can I reach my provider?
Members of Daniel Health & Wellness can reach the provider at any time via telephone call, email, or sending a message through a secured patient portal.  

Do you prescribe controlled substances?
We do not prescribe maintenance controlled substances. If you need a long term prescription for a narcotic, tranquilizer, stimulant, or controlled sleep medicine, then it must be prescribed by your pain specialist, psychiatrist or sleep specialist.  We can provide you a referral to these services as needed.

How is my health information secured to protect privacy?
The use of digital technology allows us to provide high quality care at a low cost.  We do not discuss your health with others without your consent, but we do use electronic servers to store your medical information which can be subject to data breach. Daniel Health & Wellness is not responsible for data breach and release of your information from outside servers, including the Practice Fusion electronic medical record.  We do not keep social security or credit card information on file.

For the most up-to-date information on our after-hours availability contact our clinic directly at 972-846-0448

Danie Health & Wellness is an affordable healthcare clinic that offers telemedicine to its patients.
Save time by taking advantage of our telemedicine service and see a provider from where you are today!
Additional Fees: 


There is an additional $20 fee for completion of forms for use outside of the patient's medical record, including:

  • Day Care

  • Pre-Employment

  • Employment

  • Life Insurance.

  • Family Medical Leave