Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care?


Direct Primary Care is a health care delivery model that gives patients access to health care at an affordable cost. Daniel Health & Wellness does not accept any insurance of any kind, but will see patients at an affordable cost. Patients  have flexible options to pay either monthly membership fee or per visit. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

​Members of Daniel Health & Wellness receive discounted labs, discounted imaging, and medications for minor illnesses and injuries. Each membership level includes special perks that may be beneficial for each individual patient. All levels are designed to meet the needs of all patients of any age.  

Direct Primary Care is a way of offering primary and preventive care to patients without having to consult with insurance companies

Individual & Couple Memberships

$79/ month for individual

$139/month for couples

-Annual Lab Evaluation

-2 free monthly visits

-Provider access 24/7

-50% of additional visits

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that puts patients, or individuals, back in the focal point of care. With a reasonable month to month charge all individuals get individual, every minute of every day access to their medicinal doctor. We tailor care not to protection repayment or executives, however to the patient – the manner in which it was intended to be.

Family Membership

$159/ month for 3 family members

+ $10/per member

- Annual Lab Evaluation 

- 2 free monthly visits 

-Provider access 24/7

-50% off additional visits

Daniel Health & Wellness provides comprehensive corporate healthcare services to businesses of any size in any industry.

Corporate Membership

We provide access to health care for company employees and independent contractors based on the needs of the company.

Give us a call and let allow us to provide a customized plan to meet the needs of your company. 

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