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Daniel Health & Wellness, a telemedicine clinic located in Dallas, TX, was founded with the vision of meeting the distance barrier between a patient and a healthcare provider. We believe in continuity of care, while offering services through telemedicine, as well as the patients’ home. The population is aging and the cost of healthcare is constantly on the rise, but there are not enough providers to meet the demand for healthcare. When someone becomes ill, we would like to make it convenient for them to utilize the modern technology from the comfort of their own home. For us, we see this endeavor as a huge advantage for our patients’ healthcare needs.

Who We Are


Our team consist of health care professionals with certifications and educational backgrounds that are fundamentally based in health & wellness. We believe that in order to understand how to develop a better lifestyle it takes both medical, exercise, and nutritional knowledge. Therefore, we have a unique approach that stretches all realms of health and wellness so our clients can achieve maximum health.

Our Approach​


We believe in a unique and individualized healthcare experience for each and every patient.


We are leaders in preventative medicine. Our goal is to help individuals manage current disease processes and prevent further progression. We strive to provide excellent knowledge and expertise to help our clients in every aspect of health.

Prevention is Essential​

Our focus is on the prevention of  the onset of common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. We also work with clients that are already diagnosed with these conditions to help manage their current condition and prevent further progression of the disease. We take the time to educate and demonstrate key strategies that can be life changing for our clients and their family. 


Our passion is sharing our expertise and combining our knowledge to provide a holistic approach to treating disease processes. Our services in a one-stop shop will provide our clients with the resources needed to live healthy lifestyles. Each patient is different and will need an individualized health plan that not only includes medications, but also a detailed diet and exercise plan. 

Our mission is to help individuals develop healthy habits and achieve their ideal body goals. From body weight, stress reduction, energy, and even skin care, we offer services that are tailored to each individual client. Call today to schedule your consultation and experience the lifestyle change. 

Daniel Health & Wellness 

17762 Preston Rd. Ste. 114

Dallas, TX 75252

Phone: (972) 846-0448

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